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Gadgets and sleeping habits.
Image April 3, 2014 Health is Wealth Rajesh Johnson Dcunha

We have observed that the generation of current time spends a lot of time on-line. A new concept of internet presence turning out to be an addiction. The techniques of implementing more work time (productivity) such as screen refresh rate, the colour temperature, colour combinations, curve, frame-rate of animations and videos, and illusions etc have

Kannada Ascii to Unicode
March 14, 2021 IT info Rajesh Johnson Dcunha

For PC Only. Acknowledgement:] Obtained from Source code is released under GPL license. Thanks to Aravinda VK If need to use on mobile, visit :  

Ubuntu Custom Distros for ICT
December 20, 2020 IT info Rajesh Johnson Dcunha

Customized distro of Ubuntu for the purpose of including most of the required software in single installation iso package is presented here. (Basically this distro has Cinnamon and default Ubuntu desktop environments and set of additional apps already installed for the direct use). Once the OS is installed, no need to install similar set of

How to install DIKSHA Offline [India] on Ubuntu
Image October 14, 2020 IT info Rajesh Johnson Dcunha

Install DIKSHA OFFLINE application on Ubuntu using terminal. ; by following the guide given below. Open the terminal in Ubuntu. Then type: Press [⏎ Enter] key. (then enter your sudo password) If any error occurs in installation, use the command given below. Press [⏎ Enter] key. 2. Then Type: Press [⏎ Enter] key. Wait to

ICT Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
October 11, 2020 IT info Rajesh Johnson Dcunha

Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS – ICT Customized Release Notes 👉 [Latest build: 12-Aug-2021, Size: 9GB approximate] 👉 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD UBUNTU 20.04 LTS Customized for ICT Curriculum use. Contains all recommended software preinstalled. Credits: Created by: Rajesh Johnson Dcunha, posted at : As per the GNU licence applicable to Linux distros. INSTALLATION REFERENCE:

A Free web hosting – learning scenario
Image July 5, 2020 IT info Rajesh Johnson Dcunha

A Free web hosting – learning scenario. An opportunity for all those who wish to build your own school websites. As well as personal sites. Register an account at to avail free website hosting. After Sign up, Verify your email address by visiting your Inbox. check confirmation email. and click on the confirmation link. If by mistake, your email

Create PDF from Editable Documents.
July 5, 2020 IT info Rajesh Johnson Dcunha

Creating PDFs for older systems Present operating systems are quite well equipped with pdf support in the Operating System itself.  One can print the office document with any type of fonts in them – into pdf . Especially this is required for those spreadsheet applications which do not enable ’embed fonts’ option in them. So, to keep

Linux & open source vs Closed source OS
April 18, 2014 IT info Rajesh Johnson Dcunha

The Linux and Windows – Both are good. Still, there are few aspects to know.   I am reading from 9-10 years repeatedly – the argument between Windows and Linux users, fans and evaluators. You will get number of discussion forums and posts on the web. Check their dates. (they start from year 1995 also)

Embedding Fonts or keeping document fonts intact.
Image April 18, 2014 IT info Rajesh Johnson Dcunha

If you are on Windows, Before Sharing or Taking to any other Office program, try to embed fonts inside word file. (So that you can open even in other PCs where these fonts are not installed) To do this, Open the same Word/ Power Point file in your Microsoft Office (may be 2010 /2013 /2016…etc), Go

Installing Windows Software [Apps] on Linux.
Image April 18, 2014 IT info Rajesh Johnson Dcunha

There are many windows applications free as well. But they may not be available in Linux. Similarly, just to run a few software requiring windows, one need not pay for the whole windows Operating system. Because, windows software can be run on Linux As well. Though it may not give all the advantages of Windows. Moreover, this article