Well, ICT is all about Information and communications technology. It’s a vast topic, well utilized knowledgebase with public domain. Some information can be found here [Link].

Learning is a continuous process where all things come through different sequences. People learn what comes first in the line, then they meet the other. Therefore, the acquiring of knowledge is not in a unified process, but a dynamic one.

At various stages, expert in one field falls behind in the other, though it may be a very silly/simple topic. Therefore, one cannot judge based on the apparent skill set of an individual for the matter of relating to all the aspects of work that requires expertise.
As learning is a continuous process, there is a need for learning essential things continuously as the world changes. As new requirements emerge out, one needs to be updated in sync with harmony of present situation and future requirements.

Therefore ICT.net.IN may be able to cater various needs of individuals managing with ICT, from beginner to advance levels. Ranges from typing contents on word processor to running a server or datacentre. The topics may vary in difficulty levels. And one place can not contain everything. It is expandable.

ICT is everywhere. Some resources may be borrowed from other sites of similar interest for the listing purposes. However, that does not mean anything to infringe. No such content may be hosted here. But may be indexed or listed if absolutely required which are permissible.

ICT in Agriculture
ICT in Education in general.