Gadgets and sleeping habits.
April 3, 2014 No Comments Health is Wealth admin
We have observed that the generation of current time spends a lot of time on-line. A new concept of internet presence turning out to be an addiction. The techniques of implementing more work time (productivity) such as screen refresh rate, the colour temperature, colour combinations, curve, frame-rate of animations and videos, and illusions etc. have made the eyes and brain restless. The attraction of eye candy design with a lot of stuff has made everyone crazy. Social networks and status messages have made us more cautious about others’ opinion about our whereabouts and actions.

This is seen more in people who find loneliness and adjustment problems. Sorry for this generalization, but that does not mean everyone on-line are having such issues. It is only an indication to those who could not come out of it.

Just pulling back from the network or patching up with busy schedule may seem to be temporary solutions to it. Alternatively, to spend the online time effectively and productively will give meaning and value to it. Which otherwise would have gone in vain. Until you get something to achieve, the cravings for attaining fame and satisfaction will tempt you to use the internet more and more in a meaningless manner.
If I were in this situation, I would ask : ‘How do you rate my article? or How do you rate my (poor) linguistics? Not expressly, but checking how many have liked it, or how many clicks etc. It is good to see something done by us is appreciated, but then, if it is the only source of glory, we will certainly spend more time to get more points!
I hope, many have learnt that lesson. I suggest to use f.lux as the sleep inducer for internet late nighters. Head to and install it in your windows PC.

Download from here(in case if you don’t get it from official source. This may not be a latest version.)

That may not change everything. But certainly will help you. I will stop here. & I will continue later…
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