How to install DIKSHA Offline [India] on Ubuntu
October 14, 2020 No Comments IT info Rajesh Johnson Dcunha

Install DIKSHA OFFLINE application on Ubuntu using terminal. ; by following the guide given below.

  1. Open the terminal in Ubuntu. Then type:
sudo apt-get install wget

Press [⏎ Enter] key. (then enter your sudo password)

If any error occurs in installation, use the command given below.

sudo apt-get install -f wget

Press [⏎ Enter] key.

2. Then Type:

wget --no-check-certificate

Press [⏎ Enter] key. Wait to finish downloading.

3. Then type:

sudo dpkg -i DIKSHA_4.7.0_linux64bit.deb

Press [⏎ Enter] key. Wait for installation to be completed.

After installation you can delete the temporary file by typing and Press [⏎ Enter] key [once]:

sudo rm DIKSHA_4.7.0_linux64bit.deb

Once installed, its done.

Please follow the following video for detailed view.

This tool can be utilized for using DIKSHA contents offline.

One needs to download all required contents by going online. Once contents are stored, can use offline.

Can use pen drive/ thumb drive to export contents to another PC.

Can import contents from another PC and stay totally offline.

In – order to use telemetric updation it is recommended to go online once in a week.

[Exra Hint: Windows version is also there. Can click this link for windows installer for Diksha]

Please select your state and district appropriately.

Same thing explained in video. [Video shows older version. You can use command for newer version given in this page] (No audio)

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