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December 20, 2020 1 Comment IT info Rajesh Johnson Dcunha

Customized distro of Ubuntu for the purpose of including most of the required software in single installation iso package is presented here. (Basically this distro has Cinnamon and default Ubuntu desktop environments and set of additional apps already installed for the direct use).

Once the OS is installed, no need to install similar set of prescribed software on each computer, because all are pre-installed in this distribution. This saves time and internet data, if there are more computers to be installed with same set of apps. or if there is low internet bandwidth for a single computer as well.
Most of the required apps/softwares were installed. So the .iso size is obviously big, don’t complain about it. It saves you from additional downloading hassels later.

You need rufus tool [Click Here to Download rufus tool] to write the iso to your USB flash Drive (More than in size of the iso file.). Select NTFS file system for pen drive. Use DD image mode if you get error. [A link to video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPF4_zFR-D0 ]
All files already in the usb pen drive will be erased. So, do keep in mind, already existing pen drive files are your responsibility. Then contents of the iso file (iso file that you have downloaded from this site) will be written to the pendrive. Also be certain to select the correct pen drive in Rufus tool. Otherwise, you may end up formatting wrong drive.

After successful writing of ISO image, it is now ready to be used as installation medium.
One needs to install it on a computer in one of the partitions of hard disk – wherever this is intended to be installed.

From this point on wards, you shall take responsibility of whatever happens to your system. This is not my call to assure you about anything if goes wrong with your system / revenue / time / relationship / fame / freedom/ fun / or whatever by following this tutorial. [No pun intended]
Do a restart of system.
I am only giving quite a overall idea. A detailed installation guide is available in Ubuntu website
[Our Custom ICT OS is created based on the original Ubuntu itself].

Go to Bios settings (it looks different for different pcs) and select boot mode as legacy. Remember that this may cause your windows (if exists) not to boot at all. And select save settings and exit. Yes to restart.
It is also advised to keep mbr partitions sceme instead of GPT scheme in the hard disk for better troubleshooting of boot related issues in the future. (if anything happens by your actions)

You need to instert the USB drive again and select as first boot device. (can be set in bios or by pressing a hotkey before boot postscreen.)

Boot from your pen drive, Once you see Ubuntu boot screen, press F2 to directly install.

Or just wait simply to load live Ubuntu OS. And then select: Install Ubuntu on your system if you decide to install.

Follow further instructions carefully As they appear in the installation screen. Be careful with your data. As messing with it can ruin your files and OS. So please take caution and precaution.

[Do only what you are actually aware of doing at your own risk and responsibility. PS: Do not hurt yourself].

A very few people remember to be grateful. To create this Customized OS, a lot of efforts have been put, keeping in mind that it may help and make it easy for you. If you have been helped, you have a moral obligation to acknowledge it if possible, and to help others as well, at your own freedom and will.


Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS – ICT Customized

👉 https://ss1.in/ictub20

[Latest build: 24-April-2021 9GB approximate]
If size needs to be reduced, I may need to remove PhET offline contents completely, and provide in separate archive.
For now, PhET contents are still kept inside the iso.

👉 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD UBUNTU 20.04 LTS Customized for ICT Curriculum use. Contains all recommended software preinstalled.

Release Notes : http://ict.net.in/it-info/ict-ubuntu-20-04-release-notes/

Created by: Rajesh Johnson Dcunha, posted at : ict.net.in
Licence: As per the GNU licence applicable to Linux distros. As well as EULA prompted at the time of installing and using.

Ubuntu 18.08 LTS – Customized

👉 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10ZXhkcdswuXAVLcyablvIcHV-U_pRafK?usp=sharing

Username: ict

Password : [email protected]

[[These were the standard creadentials suggested to be used. However, they can be changed.]]

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS – Customized


Username: ict

Password : [email protected]

[[These were the standard creadentials suggested to be used. However, they can be changed.]]

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